3M Water Softener (150, 200,100)


The 3M™ Water Softener (100,150,200) treats water as it enters your home, minimizing the effects of hard water. The multi-level salt support traps dirt (sediment) and debris away from the brine draw area, enabling the use of inexpensive types of water treatment salt reducing maintenance. Includes bypass valve.


  • Brighter clothing, cleaner dishes, and less detergent usage.
  • Helps protect the entire plumbing system.
  • Saves water by regenerating only when necessary.


Product 3MTM Water Softener 150 3MTM Water Softener 200 3MTM Water Softener 100
Reduction claims Calcium and Magnesium
Dimensions Media Tank: 10"D x 44"H
Brine Tank: 15"W x 15"D x 34"H
Media Tank: 8"D x 44"H Brine Tank: 15"W x 15"D x 34"H
Temperature Range 40 - 110°F (4.4 - 43.3°C)
Pressure Range 20 - 100 psi (138 - 689 kPa)
Flow Rate 14.3 gpm (54.1 lpm) 13.5 gpm (51.1 lpm) 11 gpm (41.6 lpm)
Installation Manual 3MWTS_Manual.pdf
Specification Sheet 3MWTS_Spec.pdf