ZeroB AS8 – 8000LPH Water Softener

ZeroB AS8 – 8000LPH Water Softener

Auto Soft 8 converts hard water into soft water and comes with distinctive Purple Resin Media.The primary function of the ZeroB AutoSoft 8 is to condition the incoming hard water to a softer form, which improves the experience of bathing, washing, and laundering and eliminates the scum formation and scaling effects of hard water on appliances and bathroom accessories. The AS8 softens water at 8000 LPH flow rates.

Ro Water purifier water softner AS8- 8000LPH


  • Automatic Recharge
  • Softest Water Ever
  • Prevents Damage to Appliances
  • Gives a flow rate of 8000 litres per hour
  • A robust and reliable 6 stage fully automatic valve
  • Corrosion-proof resin and salt tanks for longer life
  • A user-friendly auto-valve screen shows process stages and output alerts
  • An auto-linked additional low-power pump for recharging at night
  • Elegant-styled softener vessel body


Flow Rates Up to 8000 LPH
Output/Regeneration(m3) Based on feed water hardness 200PPM CaCO3 50
Purple Resin Quantity(liters) Zr NaF 200
Coarse Silex (Kg)) 20
Cabinet Salt Capacity in kgs Maximum 200
Salt Per Recharge in kgs 30
Brine Volume (Liter) 100
Brine Float Setting (mm) 420
Process Valve Fully Automatic Programmable
Softener Vessel & Brine Tank FRP composite vessel tank & HDPE brine tank
Vessel Size 21" dia. x 62" Height, 4" Top Opening
Regeneration Pump Centrifugal mono block pump
Installation Footprint 6 x 6 sq. ft.
Electric Supply Requirements 230VAC, 6Amp = 2 Points