ZeroB Mini SOFT

ZeroB Mini SOFT

Mini POU softener is a sleek wall mounted model that is designed to reduce calcium and magnesium ions (hardness) from incoming water to promote softer hair and healthier skin. This Mini POU softener has the convenience of an MPV Lever for selecting soft water output and recharging the softener. It also has alerts for resin exhaustion, and regeneration completion.


  • User Friendly Display Shows service and recharging process stages.
  • Convenient way of recharging Media
  • Easy to fit, sleek wall mounted design
  • soft water available on the twist of a knob
Ro Water purifier water softner zerob mini soft


Flow rate of treated water 8-10 ltr / Min
Max. allowable hardness in the raw water as CaC03 500 ppm
Max. allowable hardness (outlet) in treated water as CaC03 < 50 ppm
Resin Purple Soft (Zr Naf) 5.2 Liter
Soft water output At 500 ppm Hardness -450 Liter
At 250ppm hardness — 900Liter
Recharging Time 30 Minutes
Mode of Recharging Manual
Recharging Material Nacl/ Khadi Salt / Common Salt/ Tablet Salt
Min./ Max. Operating pressure 0.5 – 2 kg/ cm²
Electrical Supply Requirements 230VAC, 6AMP-one Point
Smart Display Resin Exhaust alert Buzzer
Smart Display Regeneration Complete Alert Buzzer